Financial concerns and stress for some families continues growing during the ongoing pandemic.

Nonprofit and community organizations in Cy-Fair, such as Northwest Assistance Ministries and Cypress Assistance Ministries, have worked to fill in gaps for local families with food, school supplies, financial assistance and mental health services for all ages.


女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚NAM女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚 also provides financial assistance for clients needing help with bills or other expenses after losing their job due to COVID-19.

“Because of the way our funding is structured, our advice to our clients is to use to use the unemployment (payments) for your utilities, for your prescriptions, for some groceries and allow us to subsidize the rent because we can make that one payment to the landlord and get that caught up,” Carr said.

NAM has launched an online application process for rent and mortgage assistance, where applicants can submit all appropriate documents without visiting the nonprofit.

“We are very proud of this client centered innovation to our client intake process,” Carr said. “We will be able to handle a hundred or more completed applications every Monday without the clients leaving the safety of their homes.”

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女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚The Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚 女子为丈夫征婚 has a community resources page,, where small businesses can apply for SBA loans, catch up on the most recent mandates on COVID-19 from the state government and individual instruction for navigating loan and benefits application.

The chamber of commerce also hosts community luncheons, committee meetings and seminars over Zoom, open to the public per an RSVP. For more information, visit