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    Houston Chronicle
    P.O. Box 4260
    Houston, TX 77210


    Monday-Friday 5:30am-5pm
    Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-11am
    Online 24/7: Manage Account
    Phone: 713-362-7211
    Email: help@chron.com


    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How can I report a missed/wet/damaged paper for today?陈宝国无敌系列六部 陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the Delivery tab, then Delivery issue.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How can I change the amount of days I receive my paper?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the Billing tab, then Change Subscription. You may call customer services during business hours.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Can I still get the Houston Chronicle if I move out of the area?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Yes, there are 2 options to keep you in touch with our local news coverage. We offer a mail subscription, where we can mail the newspaper to you or you may sign up for our Unlimited Digital Access. The Unlimited Digital Access grants you 24/7 access to our premium website, Houstonchronicle.com, our mobile apps, and the e-Edition (digital version of The Houston Chronicle.)

    Please view our 陈宝国无敌系列六部USPS (by mail) offers陈宝国无敌系列六部 to subscribe.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I change my delivery address?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the 陈宝国无敌系列六部delivery陈宝国无敌系列六部 tab, then 陈宝国无敌系列六部new delivery address陈宝国无敌系列六部.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I change my billing address?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the 陈宝国无敌系列六部billing陈宝国无敌系列六部 tab, then 陈宝国无敌系列六部new billing address陈宝国无敌系列六部.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: When will my delivery begin?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 By subscribing online, delivery will begin on the next scheduled delivery day, which is determined by your freqency.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I cancel my subscription?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部To request a cancellation on your subscription, please call customer service to review your subscription.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I stop delivery while on vacation?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the 陈宝国无敌系列六部delivery陈宝国无敌系列六部 tab, then 陈宝国无敌系列六部vacation hold陈宝国无敌系列六部. For vacations longer than 30 days, please call customer service.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Can I tell the delivery person where to leave my paper?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Yes. Please call customer service.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What is the premium day charge that apepars on my bill?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 A few times a year, the Houston Chronicle is delivered with a book or magaazine that includes exclusive content our readers enjoy. For additional information, please see the rate box on A2 in your newspaper.

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    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What are the benefits to Unlimited Digital Access?陈宝国无敌系列六部 陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部 Unlimited Digital Access includes unlimited access to HoustonChronicle.com, our mobile apps and e-Edition which provides the contents of the newspaper digitally but in a more traditional format, allowing you to flip through pages whether you’re in Houston or on vacation.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: I attempted to log into my account and received a message the system does not recognize my login information. What can I do?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部Before gaining access to HoustonChronicle.com and the e-Edition, you will need to activate your account. If you currently receive home delivery of the Houston Chronicle, visit www.houstonchronicle.com/activate to confirm your account meets the minimum access requirements. Follow the prompts to create your login (email address) and password.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What are the advantages of linking my HoustonChronicle.com account to my social provider account?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 By linking your HoustonChronicle.com account to your social provider account (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.), you will have the ability to sign into your HoustonChronicle.com account using your social provider log in.This will allow you a more streamlined experience in sharing HoustonChronicle.com content via your social account.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What browsers are supported for registration and sign-in?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 The Chron.com or HoustonChronicle.com sign in and registration is supported on all the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, and Safari for PC and MacOS, Internet Explorer 10+ for PC, and iOS8 and Android devices.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I activate my Unlimited Digital Access?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Please go to www.houstonchronicle.com/activate, then simply follow the instructions to activate your account or upgrade your account to meet the minimum requirements for HoustonChronicle.com access.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I access the e-Edition?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Once you log into HoustonChronicle.com, click the hamburger menu, the expandable menu with three line, then select e-Edition. Subscribers may select to receive a daily email for quick access to the daily e-Edition. The notification email is sent from email@mailer.houstonchronicle.com. Please be sure to add this email address to your Safe Sender list to ensure delivery to your inbox every morning.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What if I deleted the social media (Google+, Facebook, etc.) account that I used to make my Houstonchronicle account and now I cannot log into my Houstonchronicle account?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 When you use Facebook or Google+ to create a new HoustonChronicle.com account, your new account is dependent on your Facebook or Google+ log in. If you want to enable your HoustonChronicle.com account login without Facebook or Google+, you need to contact customer service at 713-362-7211 or email us for assistance.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Can I choose what emails I receive from the Houston Chronicle?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Yes. To manage your email preferences please go to HoustonChronicle.com/Subscribers, log in, select 陈宝国无敌系列六部Newsletters on the footer of that page陈宝国无敌系列六部.

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    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Is the Sunday Katy Rancher the same as the Thursday Katy Rancher?陈宝国无敌系列六部 陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部 No. Katy Rancher’s Sunday edition is a minimum of 8 pages that includes high school sports coverage, neighborhood news, fun features, calendar of events, the Houston Chronicle’s Zest section and the comics and coupons package (readers save up to $250 a week!).

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Is the Sunday Katy Rancher and the Sunday Houston Chronicle the same?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部No. The Katy Rancher is produced and delivered by the Houston Chronicle, and the Houston Chronicle’s Zest section and comics/coupon package is included with the Katy Rancher paper. However, the Katy Rancher has its own dedicated staff and resources ensuring unique and exciting content for our readers each week. It’s a stand-alone, 8-page product dedicated to everything Katy, TX.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: I am a subscriber to the Houston Chronicle. Can I also subscribe to the Katy Rancher?
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 If you are a current Houston Chronicle subscriber and live in the Katy area, the Katy Rancher Sunday edition will be included as an additional section in your Houston Chronicle newspaper.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What is included in a Katy Rancher subscription?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 A subscriber receives the Katy Rancher’s Sunday edition, the Houston Chronicle’s Zest section, the comics and coupons package (readers save up to $250 a week!) and 24/7 access to HoustonChronicle.com. Every Sunday, the Katy Rancher will include exciting features like:
    ? Sunday Conversation – a chat with a Katy community leader.
    ? This Week in Katy – The local Katy happenings from a new business opening to road construction woes.
    ? Calendar of Events – Everything from a school board meeting to a charity event.
    ? Places to Go – Each week a different park, restaurant, shop, school and more will be highlighted.
    ? High school sports coverage – Get the scores and stats of your favorite teams.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Can I read Katy Rancher online?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Yes. The Katy Rancher e-Edition (digital replica of the printed edition) is available to subscribers once they activate their account. To activate, visit HoustonChronicle.com/access. Readers can also visit YourKatyNews.com for updated neighborhood information at any time.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: I don’t pay for the Katy Rancher and keep getting it delivered on Sundays. How do I stop receiving the complimentary editions?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 Please call 888-345-7457 to cancel deliveries.

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    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What is Texas Sports Nation (TXSN)?陈宝国无敌系列六部 陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部 Texas Sports Nation is your premier online destination for Houston sports coverage. You will get exclusive insider access, breaking news analysis, in-depth and behind-the-scenes commentary from our All Star team of reporters including John McClain, Brian T. Smith, Chandler Rome, and Jonathan Feigen to name a few. The TXSN Daily Playbook will be delivered right to your inbox every day to keep you informed on the day’s scores, game highlights, trades, pre and post-game news and much more! No other online resource can compete!

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q:I’m not a Houston Chronicle Subscriber, how much is Texas Sports Nation (TXSN) and how do I sign up?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部A subscription to Texas Sports Nation includes unlimited 24/7 access to TXSportsNation.com and the Sports section on HoustonChronicle.com. A one-year subscription is $29.95. To see what collection is available at this time visit TXSportsnation.com or call 713-362-7211 and subscribe today!

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: I am a Houston Chronicle Subscriber, is this included in my subscription?
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 If you are a current Houston Chronicle subscriber and live in The Woodlands area, The Woodlands Villager Sunday edition will be included as an additional section in your Houston Chronicle newspaper.

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    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: What is the benefit of receiving newsletters?陈宝国无敌系列六部 陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部 For starters – they’re FREE! Our Houston Chronicle newsletters provide additional in-depth reporting on topics that are important to you. The newsletters build on the content provided in the Houston Chronicle and dig deeper to keep you well informed on what’s going on around you. We have several newsletters covering a variety of topics such as politics, the business sector, restaurants and recipes, sports, real estate and top stories of the day.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How often would I receive the newsletters?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 The newsletters we provide can vary. They are delivered to your email either daily or weekly depending on which ones you choose.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: How do I sign up to receive a newsletter?
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 You can opt-in to one or all of our newsletters at any time. Just visit HoustonChronicle.com/newsletters for a list of the newsletters we have available.

    陈宝国无敌系列六部Q: Do I have to be a Houston Chronicle subscriber to receive a newsletter?陈宝国无敌系列六部
    陈宝国无敌系列六部A:陈宝国无敌系列六部 No. Our newsletters are available to everyone. Just visit HoustonChronicle.com/newsletters for a list of the newsletters we have available.

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    We are here to help you manage your subscription. Please call us or use the feedback form (coming soon) for additional assistance.